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Clearly understand whether the upcoming lesson is already paid for, or not.
Lessons not paid in time are cancelled automatically.

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How it works

Student books a lesson at your public calendar
You receive a notification and confirm the time
Student pays for the lesson and gets reminded about the appointment
You conduct the lesson and confirm it as conducted
You get paid to your PP or bank account right after the lesson confirmation
Homework is easy to give and check up


I got a vast amount of information and expanded my vocabulary during my education process. Of course, it was hard to learn 200 new words a week, but that is only because of the lack of time. I would like to thank TESTutor a lot, everything was great.
I enjoyed my TESTutor classes, although I don't feel completely confident yet. I will keep practicing with my book at home. My vocabularly has enlarged SIGNIFICANTLY. I cope with fill 'the sentence' questions much more easily, although they shocked me the first time I saw them. The Reading section still remains the most tricky for me, but I will try my best to keep developing my skills.
Friendly and professional teacher, effective education system, and an adequate work load. I feel the progress and understand the strategy of taking the test. This service is very handy.

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